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    A girl after our own hearts.

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    Remember how we beat Kirk/Spock?

    Good times.

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    This scares me.

    but imagine going into a store and being like “yes i need three thousand knives”

    Hahhahaahahaha me rn

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  4. 'Human nature', sir?

    We feel a loss more intensely  when it’s a friend.

    But should not the feelings run just as deep, regardless of who has died?

    Maybe they should, Data.

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    Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.


  6. "

    Suddenly her mom’s silence matched Jackie’s own. “Oh, my God,” she murmured in disbelief. “Are you gay?”

    "Yeah," Jackie forced herself to say.

    After what felt like an eternity, her mom finally responded. “I don’t know what we could have done for God to have given us a fag as a child,” she said before hanging up.


    She got a call from her older brother. “He said, ‘Mom and Dad don’t want to talk to you, but I’m supposed to tell you what’s going to happen,’” Jackie recalls. “And he’s like, ‘All your cards are going to be shut off, and Mom and Dad want you to take the car and drop it off at this specific location. Your phone’s going to last for this much longer. They don’t want you coming to the house, and you’re not to contact them. You’re not going to get any money from them. Nothing. And if you don’t return the car, they’re going to report it stolen.’ And I’m just bawling. I hung up on him because I couldn’t handle it.” Her brother was so firm, so matter-of-fact, it was as if they already weren’t family.


    You should read this Rolling Stones piece on Queer kids getting kicked out by their religious parents. And remember it.  (via fuckyeahdiomedes)

    This is so heartbreaking.

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    Some men express their desires in this manner.

    The untold words in last two gifs:

    Danno: You’d like that wouldn’t you, babe?

    McGarrett: Yes…Yes I’d like that… I’d like that very much, Danno.

    McGarrett’s face in the last gif… well, that is the face of a man who is NOT messing around.

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    Here are a few things I want to see this season:

    • A parallel: Steve going to great lengths to save Danny. 
    • Actually admitting out loud that they would do anything to help each other.
    • Maybe get married for real? They need to be cannon already. We all know the truth.

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  11. the avengers + cards against humanity (insp.)

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    john oliver is really not fucking around 

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    Bubbles’s endless Fic rec list (4/∞)  McDanno (Hawaii Five-0)

    I’m pretty sure I forgot a few of my favorite but I tried my best!! These fics are in random order, except the first one.. Because SEALed with a kiss might’ve been the best/in character/possible to happen in canon fic ever written in the H50 fandom.. I may not watch the show anymore, but Steve & Danno will always be my one and true OTP. There will definitely be a part 2

     ›  SEALed with a kiss  (~33K words/Explicit) by  qblackheart
    It started with a kiss. A kiss so simple, it complicated everything. One kiss – eye-opening, heart-pounding, soul-stirring – was all it took. It reminded Steve of an old proverb he’d heard on one of those missions he’d never tell anyone about: Kissing is like drinking salted water; you drink, and your thirst increases. Danny’s thoughts could be summed up by something his Ma once told him: I ran up the door, opened the stairs, said my pajamas and put on my prayers, turned off my bed, tumbled into my light, and all because…he kissed me goodnight.

     ›  Set Fire to This Card House  (74563 words/Explicit) by  zarah5
    AU. In which you’ll find agents, hotel beds of varying sizes and sensible rules that still deserve to be broken.

     › The Cost of Living (63576 words/Explicit) by JiM, kalena Ex-cop Danny will do anything he has to in order to stay in Hawaii and close to his daughter. Too bad it’s something that goes against most of his principles. But he’s just what Steve McGarrett needs.

     › Months and miles from dreams (51267 words/Explicit) by ellievolia
    He’ll get used to it - he gets used to everything. But he’s only got five days before he’s back to Africa and it feels worthless, almost. Fucking mission, fucking Basher for getting caught out. Now he’s here, wandering the streets with nowhere to go and no one to see, because he can’t go home and he can’t tell anyone he’s here.
    That AU in which Steve is an active Navy SEAL and Danny is in New Jersey, owning a gym.

     › They Said The Past Won’t Rest (43972 words/Explicit) by AndreaLyn
    The Navy expected a result: capture Victor and Anton Hesse. Ten years have passed since Steve was sent to the mainland. He returns home in pursuit of justice, but he finds more than he bargained for after he meets Danny Williams and his young daughter.

     › Thirty-Six Hours and Fifteen Minutes (15461 words/Explicit) by leupagus
    It turns out knowing that Steve’s breath catches whenever you press teeth against his throat doesn’t mean he can’t still make you want to murder him whenever he launches himself off a roof in pursuit of a suspect or decides there’s not enough time to put on his vest before busting into a meth lab and beating people up.

     › Rough Patches (20934 words/Explicit) by stellarmeadow
    Three cases that shine a light on particular issues inherent in any relationship between Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams.

     › The Reason You Loved Me Before (Baby, Please Remember Me Once More) (9417 words/Mature) by Finduilas
    What are you doing?” Danny cries out, and in the back of his mind he knows he should probably point his gun at Steve as well but he finds that he simply can’t. “Have you lost your mind?!”

     › it’s not what you’re sure of (it’s what you don’t know) (44012 words/Explicit) by somehowunbroken
    Art thief Steve McGarrett and his team come up against FBI Special Agent Danny Williams, and things spin wildly out of control from there.

     › I want you to want me (45097 words/Explicit) by sirona
    It’s all his damned knee’s fault. If it wasn’t for his body’s betrayal, no one would have found out about the fight club, or about his dad practically leaving them to fend for themselves after their mother’s death. And they certainly wouldn’t have sent the four of them kids to Hawai’i, to live with their aunt and uncle. Although, Danny has to admit that the class president offers a not-so-small consolation… A.k.a. Danny gets sent to Hawai’i to finish high school, and meets the gang, and kind of falls in love.

     ›  Lost at the Edge of the Sun  (24477 words/Teen) by  james
    Living in Hawai’i is expensive, especially when you’re still paying a mortgage on a house back in Jersey. When things get to be too much, Danny has to make a hard decision. The hardest part is keeping the rest of the team from finding out that he’s homeless.

     ›  Curving Like the Ocean Toward You (19886 words/Explicit) by gyzym
    If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway.

     ›  If You Ever Need Me, I’ll Be There (41393 words) by conformityissuicide Steve and Danny didn’t realize how much they relied on each other. It took months of support and the innocent insights of their two little girls to realize just how much they needed each other.

     ›  Home (50461 words/Explicit) by Wolvinheart
    Danny’s life had been turned upside down ever since Steve ambled into it, carving a place for himself that Danny couldn’t ignore- not that he minded. (Alternate Reality if Danny had chanced upon meeting Steve when they were 25.)

     ›  Ending one minute at a time (21113 words) by gottalovev Steve and Danny have been kidnapped. To protect Danny and buy time in hope for a rescue, Steve will have to fight with all he’s got. Whatever the cost.

     ›  Sentinel and Guide (14420 words/Explicit) by  Elayna
    Every fandom needs a couple of Sentinel-fusion rewrites of the first episode, right? This is mine. I’ve only seen two episodes of The Sentinel, so this is my take on Sentinel fanon as generally found in Sentinel/SG:A fusions. I won’t even pretend it’s faithful to Sentinel canon, though I tried to not drift too far from H5-0 canon.

     › This Thing of Ours (It Needs a Better Name) (35831 words/Explicit) by leupagus
    Cosa Nostra : (kō’sə nō’strə) etym: Italian n. The branch of the Mafia operating in the United States. Literally, “our thing” or “this thing of ours.”

     › Sock Monkey (12511 words/Explicit) by Cattraine
    He’s late; he’s running late when the call comes in. One minute he’s sitting at a traffic light on a perfect day on his way to work, bemoaning his lack of coffee and the next he’s screeching the Camaro’s tires towards the accident, heart pounding, keeping perfect time with the chant in his head. No, no, no. It can’t be.

     › To the Shore (15656 words/Explicit) by zarah5
    AU. Take canon and replace Steve’s SEAL training with him and Mary owning a surf shop. Blend until smooth. Decorate with Grace talking Danny into surfing lessons. Serve hot.

     › Lonely People Do Stupid Things (13994 words/Explicit) by waketosleep
    Danny decides to show Steve the true meaning of Christmas, and does it by dragging him to New Jersey.

     › I Wish You Well (11842 words/Explicit) by AndreaLyn
    Let’s get this straight. I am not married to Danny. I am not Steve Williams-McGarrett, I do not share my house with him, and I am not, never have been, and never will be his husband. Steve wakes up married to Danny. Except that’s not how the world is supposed to work.

     ›  When All of New York City Misses You  (15466 words/Explicit) by  leupagussutlers
    Steve looks thin — like he looked when they first met, actually, fresh off the plane and jet-lagged, before seventeen months of sneaking Danny’s malasadas had taken the the edge off of all his sharp angles. There’s a ratty duffel lying at his feet and a wicked-looking scar curves over his left bicep, disappearing under the sleeve of his t-shirt, skin still pink and new.

     › Happiness is Homemade (41804 words/Explicit) by sirona, ellievolia
    It’s not easy, running a Jersey-style bakery in Hawai’i. Things get a little easier (and a whole lot more fun) once Danny meets Chin and Kono’s friend, the one who enjoys leaning against his glass cases despite all of Danny’s dire warnings, and starts food fights for no reason whatsoever.

     › Kauoha (“to order or command”) (30207 words) by ember_firedrake
    Hawaii Five-0/Ella Enchanted fusion. Danny is cursed with obedience. He must obey any order given to him.

     › Not Yet Written (18362 words/Explicit) by thegrrrl2002
    Someone from Danny’s past is out to get him.

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    Stargate SG-1: Redemption, Part 1

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